practice table


Click on the COUNTRY NAME for  detailed information.

Requirements for parents

Process length from dossier to completion

Travel/Stay in country

Children available

Estimated cost WITHOUT travel

Estimated travel cost for two


Couples 25 to 50up to 55 case by case (7yrs and older)

1yr minimum marriage

Up to 24 months, infant boys and girls

(longer for siblings; varies for older)

3-4 months to travel

* 2 trip requirement

** average 10 day total stay for both trips combined

Infant to 15 years

  Sibling groups available


$7,300- $9,550


For Healthy Baby:Couples 30-40: 0-18mth Couples 40-45: 12-36mth Couples 45-50: 36mth +

2yrs minimum marriage

No singles

For Special Focus / Waiting Child Single Women and Couples up to age 55

 Healthy Babies 5+ years    Special needs children   Travel 6 months after logi and identifying your child

14 days

Healthy Babies more girls than boys

Special needs children

All ages More boys than girls




Couples/Single women 23-49 may adopt a child 1 year or older. 50-55 may adopt a child 4 years or older. Couples must be married 1 year. See below for  est. waiting times for referral.After referral 2 1st trip + 3 mos until second

2 trips: 1st 2 mos. After referral (5-7 days) + 3 mos. until 2nd (5-7 days)

 Mainly above 1 year of age. Most often children who get referred for intercountry adoption are 3-12

CHI:$7,700 Int:$11,400 Docs:$1,320


Est. cost of adoption



Couples 25-37: 0-2yrsCouples 38-41: 3-4yrs Couples 42-45: 7yrs and older Singles: 8yrs and older

2 yrs minimum marriage

4-36+ months (depends on age of child)

Travel 1 month after referral

3-5 weeks

Infants and older children

Sibling groups available

$ 14,510-$15,760+

Depending on # of children referred


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