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Children’s Hope International was licensed in April 2007 to begin adoption and humanitarian aid work in Ethiopia.

We currently work with 2 orphanages in the capital of Addis Ababa, Assela and Makela.

The children placed are infants, toddlers and older children; siblings and single births; healthy and special needs.

Children’s Hope International Adoption has a dedicated U.S. and in-country adoption team to assist families with their adoptions; who are committed to be there for you each step of the way to see you to the end of your adoption journey with joy and with as few bumps as possible.

Please keep in mind that international adoption can be unpredictable; the process, time frames and procedures can change at anytime. The Ethiopia adoption team will keep you updated on any changes that occur as soon as possible, throughout your adoption. Families are encouraged to be patient, flexible, and to have faith.  

Photos on this page are used by permission.  The children pictured are not available for adoption.