Ethiopia Adoption Process





The current wait time for a referral is 3 – 4 years, from the time the dossier is submitted and the family is added to the waiting list for a referral; the wait time could be much longer for families waiting for young siblings and twins as they are rare. Ethiopia has implemented a new PAIR process which is a pre-approval by the US Embassy before the court process can take place.  We are uncertain at this time of processing times but most likely the time from referral to travel is approximately 4 to 6 months for the first trip, and 2 to 3 months for the second trip. The great majority of the referrals are infants 0-12 months or older children 7 and over.

  1. Apply to Children’s Hope
    Download Application Here
  2. Get a Home Study
    Children’s Hope will help to arrange it.
  3. Collect Your Papers
    Your CHI personal adoption consultant will direct you in preparing a dossier of documents 

  4. Send in CIS Form
    Your consultant will assist you to get advance USCIS approval for the adopted child to enter the US. 
    Document download here.
  5. international-adopt-ethiopia-baby1Send Papers and Wait
    Usually it takes about 3-6 months to get your papers collected to send to Ethiopia. The wait time for a referral is currently 2-3 years once your paperwork has been received in Ethiopia. (Your wait time for an older child may be shorter.) (deleted some here)When all the documents are ready, we will check the dossier and send it to Ethiopia for submission to the government.
  6. .In-Country Process
    You will be represented by the in-country staff of Children’s Hope who obtains the legal documents, presents them to the Ethiopian officials to obtain a court date for; and to the US Embassy to obtain a visa interview date. Our staff applies for the child’s passport, visa medical exam, and accompanies you to the US Embassy for your visa interview
  7. Travel
    You will be accompanied and assisted the entire time you are in the country by a bi-lingual Children’s Hope staff person.
  8. Upon Return Home
    Your personal consultant will advise you of any procedures for citizenship, availability of  tax credit and any other necessary steps.

General Information for Ethiopia Adoptions.

A photo and available medical information is provided upon referral of the child. All children are tested during the process for TB, HIV, Hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and venereal disease.

* Referral times can change at any time during the process and as more families submit applications to adopt from Ethiopia.

Photos on this page are used by permission. The children pictured are not available for adoption..