Adoption Programs

international-adopt-china-160INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FROM CHINA –  Even though the wait is long, China adoption is still the first choice for many parents hoping to adopt an infant with no  known medical concerns.The current wait for healthy infants is long, but there are countless Waiting Children for adoption in China. Some have minor medical issues, others have more serious concerns. Some have had surgery in China and missed their opportunity to be adopted as infants. They are just as lovable now, but they are no longer babies. Now they need your love more than ever!  LEARN MORE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FROM CHINA

adopt-china-CWC-160INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION – CHINA WAITING CHILDREN –  Some Waiting Children are babies, some are toddlers.  Many are school-aged.children who have been waiting for moms and dads.  Some have minor health issues, some have more serious concerns. Many are post-operative kids who have had the surgeries they needed but missed an opportunity to find an adoptive family. Single moms and married couples can adopt these special kids in a relatively short time.  SEE SOME OF THE WAITING CHILDREN NOW

We currently work with 4 orphanages in the capital of Addis Ababa, Assela and Makela.  Children’s Hope International has a dedicated U.S. and in-country adoption team to assist families with their adoptions; who are committed to be there for you each step of the way to see you to the end of your adoption journey with joy and with as few bumps as possible.The children placed are infants, toddlers and older children; siblings and single births; healthy and special needs.  LEARN MORE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FROM ETHIOPIA

COLOMBIA-ADOPTION-160INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FROM COLOMBIA – Effective July 1, 2013: Temporary suspension, for 2 years, for non-Colombian families wanting healthy Colombian children 0-6 years of age. Dossiers  already in Colombia awaiting approval will be processed under the old rules, no matter what age child requested. Colombian families may ask for children ages 0-6, Children’s Hope will accept new applications from Colombian families.  These are Colombians living in the US and married to US citizensLEARN MORE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FROM COLOMBIA

Children’s Hope International is partnered with VESTA, a Bulgarian Hague accredited non-governmental organization dedicated to the well being of orphaned and abandoned children.  Children, ages 18 months to 14 years old are available for adoption. The birth parents of the children who are available for adoption have either signed over their parental rights or the court has terminated these rights. Sibling groups are quite common in Bulgaria. When sibling groups are available, they will most likely 3 years old and up. The children are generally healthy, with the exception of some having minor correctable needs. LEARN MORE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FROM BULGARIA

adopt-older-parents-160INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FOR OLDER PARENTS – The members of Children’s Hope International’s Late Start / DoOver Club  are often parents who raised their kids and were left with energy and expertise and no more kids to benefit from their talents. What to do? Why, do it all over, of course!  Let some new kids benefit from all the lessons learned raising the first batch.   Some of our Late Starts are folks who just weren’t in a position to have kids until later in life. Time, finances, and fortune just didn’t come together until later than expected. Courage came into the mix, and now, better late than never, they are at long last parents! LEARN MORE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION FOR OLDER PARENTS