China Waiting Children – Adopt Janey

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Our little Janey is just two years old. She stayed with an expat foster family through our October “camp” in Beijing in 2016. Here’s some of the foster mom’s report:

“Janey is a very happy baby – always smiling, very cuddly, loves to walk around and explore. She would laugh at each thing she discovered – putting her feet on the table and pushing her chair back made her giggle with laughter. When we gave her a bath, she loved splashing in the water and playing with the bath toys. She is very playful and loved following my kids around. When my daughter would play the piano, Janey would walk over and play on the keys as well. I can tell she is going to be a jokester when she is older. She was so fun to be with and would often just look me in the eye and grin!”

“Janey is observant. Despite her microphthalmia, she walks around without bumping into things. She holds toys up to her face to study them. She could see the pictures in the books we read to her. She was able to put plastic letters in a ziploc bag and then look through the side of the bag to reach in and grab the letter she wanted.”

Microphthalmia means that Janey’s eyes are very small. But it certainly doesn’t seem to hold this spunky little girl down.  Could you see Janey in your family?

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