China Waiting Children – Adopt Alec!

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Eight-year-old Alec has a friendly smile. Alec is the class monitor in school, but he never boasts about it. The other children are eager to report that Alec has been appointed class monitor. Alec likes school and especially enjoys PE and performing in class musical presentations. He likes to help around the orphanage, mopping floors, washing dishes and taking care of younger children. He takes pride in being the group photographer. When the nannies entrust Alec with their cameras or phones, he does a great job of taking pictures.

Alec often spends time sitting quietly by himself, but the nannies say he is constantly watching others carefully. He is always aware of those around him. Alec is a man of few words. When asked a question, he will think  carefully before answering.

Could Alec be your son?

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