China Waiting Children – Adopt Adam!

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Little Adam is just 6 years old. His cleft lip was repaired in 2010 when he was just a few months old. His cleft palate was repaired in 2013. His cleft palate kept him from talking at the usual time and now he likes to just point and pantomime. He is currently receiving speech therapy.

The nannies report that Adam “”is very docile; seldom fight with peers; usually he likes to ride on wooden horse quietly or play the trampoline; he likes a green Mickey horse very much; when other children are in the music class, he will quietly listen to children singing; when seeing peers dancing with the music, he will run in front of the teacher and dance with music; he likes to watch TV, especially cartoon; he watches TV very carefully. When seeing people or things he does not like, he will find a place to hide away; for example, when seeing the nurse giving injection to other children, he will hide into bed, cover himself with a blanket or a summer sleeping mat; he does not like to eat; when seeing the nanny feeding other children, he will run to a corner and find a cover to hide.”  They also report that Adam is still in diapers because “we are short of hands and we do not have much time to train him.”  The orphanage workers chose his Chinese name in the hope that “he would grow into a man who was capable of protecting others.”

Adam has great potential.  If only he had a family of his own …..

Could Adam be your son?

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