China Waiting Children – Adopt BRIAN

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Eleven-year-old Brian is extroverted, optimistic, and sensible. He gets along well with the other kids in his orphanage. His nannies report that Brian “likes to play games, watch cartoons and study with other children happily. He gets along well with aunts, every time when he meets aunt the child will be happy to run to cuddle aunts, and he will hand aunts to playing games with him.”

Brian was born with hemifacial microsomia and cleft palate.  The nannies further report that  “although the child can not speak clearly, he is very careful and he will try his best to pronounce. His favorite: he can play outdoor activity and games with other children, to know all kinds of plants. When he finds nice plants he will be curious and observe carefully, and he will point them out to aunt and other children.” Brian’s  favorite food is a nice hamburger.

The nannies have talked with Brian extensively regarding international adoption. Brian is all for it and is hoping to meet his forever family soon!

Could you be the family for Brian?

Watch his video and call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742.