Meet MAYA!

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Maya is a ten-year-old bundle of determination. This little girl works hard to be all that she can be. Her nannies tell us that “Maya studies very hard in every subject; she works hard to command the knowledge taught by the teacher and she listens carefully at class. She can read book, eat, drink, put on and take off clothes, and make bed independently. She likes plush toys and puzzles; despite deformity of her hands, she has strong hand-make ability; she can complete beautiful puzzles and she will share the joy of success with the teacher and other children. Maya likes to read picture books the most; she will tell simple plots of the book to other children. Her biggest wish is to help the teacher and other children do things she is capable of doing; because she believes that help others will make her even happier. Although she has deep affection to the welfare institute, she also wishes to have her own home in which she has her father and mother. She knows she will face some difficulties such as new environment, new people and strange language if she is adopted, but she has prepared for these challenges; the welfare institute sets related classes to prepare her for better and faster adjustment to new family.”

Because of her scoliosis, Maya must use her wheel chair to get around.  Maya  can control bowel movement or urine, but she needs help when she goes to bathroom cause she can’t stand up by herself.

Could Maya be your daughter?  Watch her little video and call Nicky Losse 314 / 812 – 1742.