Meet TIM!

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Eleven-year-old Tim has a wonderful smile and is always ready for a little conversation. He studies carefully for all his school lessons and knows all his multiplication tables!  Tim is excited to play outdoors with his many friends. This caring boy makes certain to help the younger children.  Although Tim has been diagnosed with congenital aniridia, nystagmus and lens dislocation,  he can see a little and can walk independently. He sees well enough to enjoy drawing all kinds of fruits and animals with the help of teachers and coloring them in different colors.

The orphanage director reports that “Though he has deep relation with the institute and foster family, he still hopes to have his family and dad and mom. He also knows he will come to a new place and language problems after being adopted. He has prepared for this, also there are some programs in the school.”

Could you welcome this cheerful boy into your home and heart?
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