Meet ELI!

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Eli Top

Five-year-old Eli is full of FUN! While he has been diagnosed as having mild cerebral palsy, Eli runs and jumps along with all the other kids in his orphanage. This little guy is self-sufficient in taking care of all his personal needs. Right now, Eli can’t use his right arm, but it does not seem to hold him back.

Eli likes school where he “learns Chinese, math, music, art under guidance of special teachers, give him language, behavior and recognition training, make him got overall development of morality, intelligence and physique.In terms of language, he can recite three character primer, can sing children’s song Little Duck. He would say hello to caregiver, call caregiver or special teachers “mum”, “aunt” or “teacher”.”

To learn more about Eli, call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 or submit the form below.