Here Comes KEITH!

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Two-year-old Keith has a great sense of humor! He really enjoys a good joke.

Keith has moderate cerebral palsy but he  is working hard on learning to walk. He currently lives with a foster family and, with their loving care,  is coming along nicely. His small motor development is very good. Keith likes to play with blocks and scribble with a pen.  With the help of his foster family, Keith is beginning to talk.

Little Keith likes the elder sister in the family very much, and likes to play with her. His favorite toy is little car, favorite TV show is cartoon, especially Bears May Appear, and he also imitates the two bears. He likes eating fruits, especially likes apples and watermelon.

Watch Keith’s little video.  It’s sure to make you smile!

To learn more about Keith, call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 or submit the form below.