Hello from HUBERT!

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Three-year-old Hubert was found abandoned in 2015 with a note stating his birth date and a diagnosis of “Weak Feet.”  A few months later, Hubert went to live with a foster family where he remains in their loving care.

Hubert has been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. He’s not walking yet, but the foster family works with him and now he can stand holding on to something for support. Hubert is pretty smart and his small motor coordination is good – he likes to imitate the older kids doing their homework. He holds the pencil and even erases his scribbles, just like he sees the big kids doing. Hubert can feed himself, draw lines and circles and play with toys. Hubert is starting to talk now and can make his wants understood.  He likes being around people and is a good eater – except for leftovers!

To learn more about Hubert, call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 or submit the form below.