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Danny is darling, delightful and, most importantly, DETERMINED.

Danny was abandoned at a local temple when he was around three years old. Orphanage workers are unsure of his age and he may well be a little younger than the six years on his official records. Danny is working hard on learning sign language so he can share his thoughts and ideas with others. He is also working closely with physical therapists. Danny currently uses a walker to get around and he practices going up and down stairs every day. Danny’s small motor coordination is very good.  He can string beads, button and unbutton clothing and feed himself. He loves being around people and has a hand shake and a great smile for all he meets.

Danny has been diagnosed as having moderate cerebral palsy and congenital deafness. But the most important quality of our Danny is his determination to be better and better every day.  Watch his little video and call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 to learn how Danny can walk into your heart and home.