Benjy’s Excellent Adventure!

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Benjy top2


Three-year-old Benjy had a great time at CHI’s Camp Hope this summer. Benjy’s blindness did not stop him from much – he enjoyed music and the swimming pool along with all the other kids.  One of the volunteers at Camp Hope shares her experience with this wonderful little guy:

“On the bus ride back from the train station, I sat next toBenjy. I played a popular song by Rainie Yang for him and a few other songs, and a few minutes later he was singing the chorus back to me. I would just hum the melody a little bit, and he would sing the rest of the song back to me with the correct lyrics and melody. I thought this was very impressive because it showed just how gifted he was with his hearing, especially since he was blind. Hearing and his sense of touch are essentially his only ways to take in the world, and the degree to which these two senses were amplified within Benjy was very moving. Benjy is definitely one of the smartest and most unique children I got to interact with!”

Imagine what Benjy will do if he has his own family to love and encourage him!

Watch Benjy’s little video and call Nicky Losse at 314 812 1742