Safe Water in India

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Families in poor villages have limited access to clean water. They must often walk long distances carrying heavy jugs or make do with water from unsanitary sources. Thanks to our CHI Partners, a number of villages now have well supplying clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. The message below is from Pastor Paparao or Mission to the Nations.

“ I take this opportunity to thank you so much for your compassionate help to dig a water well in a needy village where the people are suffering due to lack of safe drinking water. Now, with your kind help, we have completed this project successfully. The bore well was installed in  Durgada village Approximately 700 families in this village, most of the people are belong to backward class families, low income groups, Untouchable communities. People are suffering a lot due to lack of safe drinking water. Now, because of your kind help and support, the water problem in this village was solved and all the village people especially the women were so happy and thankful to you for your kind help.”               – Pastor Paparao, India