Rescue from Sex Trafficking in India

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IMG_5858Thanks from Pastor Paparao:

“Lakshmi is a 28 yr old widow from a child marriage to a 65 year old who passed away when she was 25. She is now a very active member of the sewing center. Thanks to partners like you, Lakshmi and her team stitch blouses, dresses, hand bags and other handy items for a living. Another young lady, Gayatri, who was rehabilitated from a prostitution chattel is a nurse today in Obstetrics and Gynecology ward and tends to young mothers in our free hospital and takes an active role in free medical clinics arranged by partners like you every month in many backward villages. What more could be an example of God’s own work?” – Pastor Paparao, India

Suggested gifts for rescued moms:

$240 – 1 sewing machine + 9 months training
$60 – business start up materials
monthly gift of any amount to Keep Hope Alive!