Mobile Medical Clinics in India

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A message from Pastor Paparao  –

“Nookalamma Manyam where more than 4000 people are living. In this village, there is no medical doctor at all. The women in the villages are suffering so badly with blood issue problems, Diabetics, Ulcer problems, Skin problems, Malaria, Cold, Cough, Fever, Asthma, T.B. stomach pain, ulcers etc. Also, the children are suffering with mal-nutrition, skin problems, ring worm, thread worm, loose motions etc. The people in this village are very poor and they are from backward class community, untouchable community. They do not have a chance to see a medical doctor. But, with your kind help and support, today, more than 150 poor patients received medical help for their illness. On behalf of all these poor patients, I thank you so much for your compassionate help to conduct this free medical clinic.”

– Pastor Paparao, India.

Suggested Gifts to Keep Hope Alive through Mobile Clinics in India:

$50 – exams and medicine for 20 people
$250 – exams and medicine for 100 people
monthly gift of any amount

Thanks to your gift, mobile medical clinics will be able to continue to visit poor villages on a regular basis.