Super Tricia!!!

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Eleven year old Tricia is a wonderful girl! She came to the orphanage as a two year old with cleft lip and palate which has since been corrected.  The staff at Tricia’s orphange report that “she is very smart, active and energetic; she is grateful: “others have helped me, and I will help others.”; she will actively do thing she is capable of doing such as mopping floor, washing face, combing hair, putting on clothes and making bed for younger children; after completing homework, she will actively ask the teacher to assign exercises; her academic performance is improving day by day.”  Tricia also participates in English lessons, dancing, singing and playing chess in rainy days.

Here, in her own words, is Tricia’s wish to be adopted: “I admire children who have father and mother very much. Although uncles and aunts in the welfare institute treat me like birth parents and take care of me, I still hope to have my own father and mother who will love me, care me, accompany me, so that I can enjoy the warmth of family like other children. Therefore, I would like to be adopted by foreign family.”

Could Tricia be your daughter?


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