here’s RONNY!

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Ronny is 9 years old and full of energy. He came to the orphanage as a newborn baby with cleft lip and palate which has since been surgically repaired.

Ronny’s nannies report that “He is an active and energetic boy. Compared with children of same age, he is slightly delayed in language development because of his cleft double lip and palate and can only say some simple words in Chinese including brother, aunt, sister, etc. He can’t speak clearly and usually uses body language to express himself. At present, he is able to take care of himself. He is studying at the second grade of special education class in Education Spot in Longgang Social Welfare Center of Yuanping School. He has a strong cognitive and receptive ability and is able to understand most of what teacher teaches him. Sometimes, he likes to help teachers to do something within his ability, including moving seats, picking up toys and sweeping and cleaning the floor. He enjoys watching cartoon, including Boonie Bears, GG bond and Happy Goat and Bad Wolf. He enjoys outdoor activities, playing toys like building block and scrawling very much.”

Could Ronnie play in your back yard?  He really needs a family!

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