Thomas – honorable and brave!

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Twelve-year-old Thomas is a young man of many talents.  His orphanage staff report that Thomas is “sensible and eager to excel. He likes sports, like ping-pong. Thomas  likes cars and has great mechanical ability. He likes jigsaw puzzles, he has talent in drawing, he is clever and active. He has a sunny personality and is full of confidence.  He is friendly with other children, they can help each other and learn from each other. When he does something wrong, he will admit his mistakes bravely, he will correct actively, he has the courage to take the blame for mistakes. He has great sense of group honor, he can help aunt and teacher do something. He is warm-hearted, brave and firm. All teachers and classmates like him very much.”

Thomas came to the orphanage as an infant with cleft lip and palate. He has certainly  grown to be a fine young man.

Could Thomas be your wonderful son?

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