Clean Water in Cambodia’s Andong Village

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Cambodia’s Andong village is approximately 5 miles from the Phnom Penh Airport on the outskirts of town. In June of 2006, most of the 9000 people who now live in Andong Village were violently driven from their former homes in Sambok Chap near the Bassac River. Their homes were reduced to rubble by large equipment by order of the government and private investors.

Every year the Andong village slum floods during the rainy season. The rainwater accumulates and in combination with human waste it creates a perfect breeding ground for the mosquito that carries the dengue virus. Every year hundreds of children die because of dengue fever.

Our CHI Partners in Hope sent support for a water filtration system to provide families in Andong village with clean water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. The water filtration system is up and running, but there is still so much to do to help these families and their children!


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