Little Homes of Hope

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2015 rpt 3Our Little Homes of Hope program is  kind of like a Ronald McDonald House to help families in medical crisis.  Families of  sick children stay here and receive counsel and encouragement while their children are in the hospital and in recuperation.

Poor families often have to travel to major cities for good medical treatment for their children. They exhaust their limited funds on travel and hospital bills.  Parents must provide food and care for their children while they are hospitalized. There are no accommodations for parents and they often wind up sleeping  on a newspaper in their child’s hospital room floor.

Starting in 2000, Children’s Hope worked with P&G, Walch, Babytree, Baby and Me and many other companies and individuals to raise funds to provide medical care for children and families at risk.  Beginning in 2011, Children’s Hope set up Little Homes of  Hope to help poor families who were  getting medical treatment for their children.  There are 8 such homes now in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. More homes are currently being set up in Shenzhen and Fuzhou. 

In 2015, a total of 1364 requests were received.  We were able to provide services for 171 families and 463 children. We hope to continue growing in this area.