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Ruben just celebrated his third birthday at our “Little Alenah’s Home” where he receives loving care and medical attention. Ruben had surgery to remedy his spina bifida and club feet. He can run and play and now he only wears corrective shoes at night. Ruben goes to preschool every day. He is extremely smart and is much loved by all his teachers.

When he is happy about something, Ruben likes to show his joy by spinning around. Ruben is a big talker now.  One of his favorite things is playing in the bath tub, where he shouts out his favorite words. Ruben likes to be independent.  He insists on feeding himself and likes to sit in an adult-size chair. Sometimes, Ruben will touch other children’s head to comfort them when they are crying. Ruben has a strong sense of justice. If he sees an older child “bullies others, he will do the gesture of beating. ”  Ruben’s favorite food is strawberries.  His ayis tell us he can eat many of these.

Could Ruben eat strawberries at your table?


Call Mary House 847 323 6762 to talk.

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