All about KATIE

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katie topKatie is 6 year old now.  She walks to her Half-the-Sky preschool classroom on on her own and enjoys physical activities. Katie really likes to turn summersaults with the other kids.  She likes to play clapping games and imitate TV characters. When teachers call the roll, she will clap and raise her hands to greet to others when she hears her name. Katie can feed herself and takes pride in wiping her hands and mouth and throwing her napkin in the trash just like all her friends. Another of Katie’s favorite activities is looking in the mirror and combing her hair.  She is just like any pretty girl in that way!

Pretty Katie has Down Syndrome which lets her learn and grow at her own pace.  Watch her video below to see how beautifully Katie is coming along.

Katie can be adopted by a married couple or single mom.
It is NOT required that your dossier be logged in to be matched with Katie.

Call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 to talk.