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GiGi is a 5 year old go-getter! When she came to the orphanage, GiGi was shy and withdrawn. Last August, GiGi went to a foster family and she has just blossomed under their loving care.

Here’s her Official Report: “Currently, she has made great progress, has richer facial expression, has made progress on socialization, could make eye contact, is not scared of strangers; could walk for a few steps such as walk from the living room to bedroom, but she could not walk steady because of cerebral palsy; know to take off clothes and pants, attached to foster parents, fond of stick to them, fond of playing with them. She knows to interacting with others, understand simple instructions, for example if someone says to take her out, she would stand up immediately, smile when teased, know to drink water from cup, play toy for a while and throw out and then pick up again. She is active, bright, has a ready smile, energetic, sometimes crawl up and down the sofa. She likes toys with sound most, sometimes throw and pick up toys for playing. She is fond of taking bath and playing water. She is fond of playing objects she likes, she would give bottle to foster mother and asks for milk; know to find food in the kitchen when hungry. Currently, foster mother needs to feed her a bowl of porridge for each meal, she likes porridge including meat porridge or egg porridge, could sit down quietly, does not likes other supplementary food. Currently, she likes outdoor activities, energetic, fond of playing, has a ready smile, fond of playing with others and playing hand in hand game, fond of being held by adults, bright and optimistic.”

If YOU are “bright and optimistic” like GiGi, she might just become your daughter.

Call Mary House 847 323 6762.


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