Now is the key time to help little Sylvia…

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China-Child-SylviaCheng Siyi (Sylvia Cheng) is a pretty, nine-year-old girl. She likes dancing very much but, after being diagnosed with a rare hemophagocytic syndrome, she was admitted to the hospital and remains there for continuing treatment.  It was urgent that she have surgery to receive stem cells and bone marrow transfer to survive. We are happy to say that, thanks to our Partners in Hope and supporters of Alenah’s Home,  Sylvia has received life giving surgery and is looking forward to leaving the hospital. Her heart is in going back to school, seeing her friends and being able to dance again. The doctor told us that, at present, Sylvia needs $18,000 for continued treatment and medicine to recover.  Her family is an ordinary farmer family who are doing their best to care for her.  The doctor also emphasized to us that now is the critical key time for the medicine and treatment if she is to recover.

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