All about LARRY

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Larry just turned 5 this May. He was abandoned and came to the orphanage when he was two. Larry currently lives with a foster family.

Larry is a very independent little guy who likes to feed and dress himself with no help from his foster mom. Larry takes care of all his personal needs now.  He likes to play games and watch TV. Larry is a good little dancer and is interested in just about everything. Larry understands everything that is said to him, but, for unclear reasons, Larry does not talk.

His caregivers say many positive things about Larry.  The only “bad report” is that “…sometime, he is little bully when he see some good food, he doesn’t like to share but just keep for himself.”  Larry sounds just like a lot of other kids we know!

Larry has recently moved from his orphanage to Alenah’s Home, our Children’s Hope foster center. Here he will receive the therapy he needs as well as love and encouragement.  We can allready see Larry starting to blossom!  Look at the video and you will see it too!