All about Ruthie

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Ruthie learned to sing Jesus loves little children in Chinese! She loves to read and learn and listens to her Ayi willingly! Everyone loves her!! She is not in school but is as smart as any other 8 year old, and receives rehab for her CP at our home. She can now go to bathroom and go to bed on her own . The other day, Ruthie asked our staff “Please find me a mommy and daddy, too!”

Ruthie has been diagnosed with moderate cerebral palsy. What Ruthie lacks in current physical ability, she makes up for with courage and determination.   Ruthie is currently living at Alenah’s Home, our CHI foster home, where she receives daily therapy and tons of love. Some of our CHI moms and their grown-up adopted daughters recently returned from meeting Ruthie at Alenah’s Home and they can’t say enough good things about her -”…….. she’s so smart and has so much potential!” They were so impressed that they bought Ruthie a new wheelchair so she can join in some of the activities at the foster home. Watch Ruthie’s video as she works so hard on walking You will see past her limited mobility to her courage and intelligence.        LEARN MORE ABOUT RUTHIE