She did it all!!!

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Some of theadopt-china-ruthieSome of the children at Alenah’s Home, our CHI Foster Center in Beijing, had an outing to a children’s fun house last week.  Here’s Ruthie, a very special girl who had the best time.  She really needs a family of her own.

“I can do anything!” “I’m not scared!” Who said this over and over while crawling through the tunnel maze? Who saw more of the tunnel maze than any other child? Who was the most ambitious and adventurous child at Fundazzle yesterday? Ruthie!!!

Ruthie’s determination reached a whole new level. Ruthie crawled through almost every tunnel in the place. Nothing could hold her back or slow her down. She wasn’t afraid of heights, wasn’t afraid of swinging tunnels, wasn’t afraid of steep slides. She did it all, and laughed the whole way through!

Could Ruthie be you daughter? Call 847 323 6762 or email to learn more.