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Dear CHI Families,
The way Washington functions today, few people would guess that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer and Representatives Michele Bachmann and Trent Franks would co-sponsor and advocate for the same piece of legislation. But the five of us and a continually growing coalition of 45 other lawmakers believe that children should be raised in families. The Children in Families First (CHIFF) Act will realign U.S. foreign assistance to prioritize children growing up in families; focus on protecting children by preserving, reunifying or creating families through kinship, domestic an d international adoption; and strengthen procedures to prevent abuse of children without families. Today, an estimated 18-20 million children worldwide languish in institutions and uncounted millions more live on the streets. Our foreign aid helps many children, but not these. They are overlooked with tragic consequences: of those who survive childhood privation, abuse, and neglect, many eventually die on the streets or become criminals, drug addicts, victims of trafficking, and even terrorists. We must make change, now, and start to rescue these precious children, for their own sakes, but also because they are our future. Please visit CHILDREN IN FAMILIES FIRST to learn more.

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Sincerely, Senator Mary Landrieu