Wishes for Weinan

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international-adopt-china-weinanA growing number of our Children’s Hope sons and daughters are graduates of Weinan Orphanage in Shaanxi Province. While these wonderful boys and girls are flourishing with their lucky moms and dads, many others still wait. Now there is a way for those families who have benefited from the care their children received at Weinan to help those children who still reside in this Chinese orphanage. There is an opportunity for us to help the staff at Weinan to provide occupational and physical therapy for the children who remain in their care.

The orphanage director at Weinan  has asked us to help purchase much needed muscle strengthening and safety equipment for the special needs children still remaining in this very special orphanage.

weinan=giftDo you know a child from Weinan?

You can help the Weinan  kids who need you this holiday season.