They are the reason I breathe every day…

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adopt-china-minden470There are so many wonderful kiddos out there who have very minor needs that get overlooked in search of a “perfect” child.  Both Brody and Bria were special needs, and now we don’t even remember what their “problems” were!  Bernie and I look at each other and shudder to think what our lives would be like if we didn’t have our children.  They are the reason I breathe every day.
The hardest part by far for each child was surrendering them to the OR nurses at the hospitals when they had their surgeries.  Parenting all of our children has been  amazingly easy, and we love them with all our hearts.
The best part, besides getting to parent these wonderful children, is that I am happy for THEM.  I am so happy that they have a loving, wonderful family, and they get tons of attention and kisses every day, and have lots of friends, and that they have lots of toys and plenty of food and opportunities for learning and growth, and they live in a nice house where they can get out of bed every morning and breathe clean air and every day has limitless potential.  Not that we think we are saints, because we are far from it, but we love these kids and know how smart and sweet they are and how much they have to offer the world.  It breaks my heart to think of these or any child suffering in an orphanage without the love and protection of a family.  What a terrible waste of human potential.   -Monica Mueller

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