something good out of such a tragedy…

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adopt-china-older-50-3Our journey started in 2001 when our two boys, Jewel’s brother’s son and Jewel’s dad all died in an accident on the ocean. We walked through the years of trusting Him, but so much wanting to see something good come out of such a tragedy. In 2008, when we were asked to come work at a foster home in China for special needs children, we were ready. Truly, we were not looking to adopt, although we had stopped saying we would not adopt because, after all, He had completely changed the direction of our lives. We were looking for purpose. We found we were blessed to serve and love the children of China. It wasn’t until August 2011 that we both realized we were wanting to adopt one special, then 9 year old girl. He had spoken to both our hearts about her and what could we do but obey?! We still have years left, if He is willing, and we weren’t really finished parenting.
Our girls are both in wheelchairs and short of a miracle will always be in a wheelchair. We aren’t too old for that as we can enable them to have independence. And the opportunities they will have in the US with their special needs, the independence they will be able to experience, it’s priceless. . We have been so blessed by our first daughter and now moving onto our second daughter…we can’t wait to see how much more we are blessed! You will be stretched and you will grow as you “work” towards teaching them what “family” means.
The longer we serve in China,  the more burdened we are for the children still waiting, still “left” who need a family. We can see these children in families so easily. So many of them would bring so much joy to a family, why not yours? Yes, it’s expensive, yes the process takes “a while,” yes, it is work but you are obeying Him in this call. The call to
 help orphans in their distress.