bring happiness once more…

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older-international-adopt-china-50Peter and Marianne Adams had raised two children when tragedy struck.  Their grown-up daughter passed away suddenly . They somehow coped with their great loss, but their house was extra-empty when their son left for college two years later. Marianne and Peter decided to once again fill up their home and their hearts.  They decided to do it all over again.  Johnna came home from South Korea at the age of four months. When Johnna was five, her mom and dad wanted her to have someone who knew the same family stories, .  Marianne, Peter and Johnna all traveled to China to bring home two-and-a-half-year-old Leah. Now the girls are a grown up and the house is quiet once more. “I wish I were younger so I could do it all again,” says Marianne. “I would encourage everyone to adopt a child to bring happiness once more.”  

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