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There are many children in China waiting for families to adopt and bring them home as forever sons and daughters. Even though the wait is long, China adoption is still the first choice for many parents hoping to adopt an infant who has no  known medical concerns.

The current wait for healthy infants is very long, but there are countless Waiting Children for adoption in China. Some have minor medical issues, others have more serious concerns. Some have had surgery in China and missed their opportunity to be adopted as infants. They are just as lovable now, but they are no longer babies. Now they need your love more than ever! This program is open to couples and single moms age 30 – 55.

Think you might be too old?  Be sure to see Adoption Options for Older Parents.

Every one of these kids is special – Each one needs a family to love.

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Photos on this page are used by permission.  None of the children pictured are available for adoption.